RIP Uncle George

No picture needed.

I learned today that yesterday one of the unsung heroes of T&T – Dr. George Dixon (MD) of Couva and Balmain passed away. He is embellished in my childhood as Uncle George but I know he was much more than that.

Uncle George was one of those doctors who identified with his community and chose to remain in it and make a difference. His easygoing nature and openness of spirit were never forced. He looked on everyone who came to him not just as a doctor but as someone who genuinely cared.

If a patient couldn’t afford him that was never an obstacle – he was as gracious to the rich as to the poor. You would be treated even if your only payment ended up being a bag of fruit you gave him or nothing at all.

My Auntie Brenda May Dixon was there by his side through everything and both were always there for me and my mom. I miss you Uncle George and I hope that all of us can make a difference the way you did. RIP Dr. George Dixon.


2 Comments to “RIP Uncle George”

  1. So sorry for your loss, Vern. He sounds like he was a remarkable man — such an anchievement in itself. Hugs.

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