My awesome weekend with Robin & Peter.

Pommecythere 'chow'Pommecythere and limes.2013-09-07-1111.jpgRobin's balcony.The house in Toco, Trinidad.Pommecythere fruit on the tree.
FrangipaniSilver palms.2013-09-07-1098.jpg2013-09-08-1145.jpg2013-09-08-1144.jpg2013-09-08-1143.jpg
2013-09-08-1142.jpg2013-09-08-1141.jpg2013-09-08-1140(0).jpg2013-09-07-1120.jpgCromwell painting. Love it!Avocado on the tree.

Stayed with Robin at his house in Toco on Saturday night and Peter Sheppard joined us on Sunday morning and took us on an amazing adventure of Trinidad’s North Eastern coast.

Or, if you prefer a slideshow – here you go :


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