I am a television news producer and travel writer transplanted from Toronto, Canada to Trinidad & Tobago. My days are 90% work and in between I watch cable, play with my Wii, interact with friends and try and locate someone to make me cut work down to 80% of my life. I am not religious in any way but believe there is an intrinsic morality that should guide our daily lives. It may best be condensed to a general belief that we should all act in a way that shows consideration for those around us.  I started blogging just to keep myself in the writing mode but now it has become an essential part of most of my days.  I thank you for reading and hope my entries do not come across as the rantings of a bitter person but rather as an insight into my thought processes.

Of late I am spending much of my time on this blog putting in my little contribution to battling hatred and intolerance. If you feel comfy hanging on to those particular vices and especially if you justify it by saying it is part of “Caribbean culture” I would urge you to just leave.

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10 Comments to “About”

  1. Dear Globewriter,
    Reference: Your interview with Jafar Mir Abdullah on 11.03.2008.
    It would have been interesting to read the whole interview; more so, if you had asked him certain “termite” related questions!
    His family never saw Lucknow soil before 1917, when his grandfather married into my family.
    Nawab in Arabic is the plural of “naib”: meaning – deputy.
    Although the Princely States were annexed by the Indian Republic in 1947 and the word ‘ruler’ removed, the hereditary titles were not surrendered. They still exist but are generally not in use. There are only two recognised and hereditary titles of “Nawab” at present in Lucknow; one belongs to Nawab Abdul Rahim Khan of Basitnagar and the other one belongs to yours truly.
    Can throw more light if required.

  2. Thank you !

  3. You are the first (headline) blog that comes up for Trinidad in WordPress, so I’ve visited before. Didn’t quite catch the fact who you are until now, but transplanted from Toronto to TnT. Don’t know why or how, but that must have been traumatic. I don’t particularly “love” Toronto, but won’t hesitate to say it much better than Port of Spain. Good luck with the “more often than a week” post!

  4. Hey! Thanks for posting our It Gets Better video links on your blog. Much appreciated 🙂 Kershan.

  5. connect on facebook?

  6. Fantastic use of your time sir. I think that in spite of the polarizing effect of evangelical religion, Trinis are making great strides when it comes to thinking about human rights. It requires constant work. Keep it up.

  7. hey vern how r u

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