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January 1, 2008

Farewell Tundra

As the song says, my bags are packed and I’m ready to go. Unlike the song, however, I am not mysteriously standing in front of anyone’s door and have no plan to wake anyone up to say goodbye. I awoke this morning nursing the same headache I had since yesterday afternoon and confronted by 15 cms of snow lying on the ground. Winter wonderland my ass!. It seems to not have affected my flight though as I guess Toronto Pearson is used to such piffling inconveniences as snow.

Last night is a bit of a blur as I ended up at the Billy Bob’s with Victor. I have never seen so much trailer park in one place before. The edge was greatly softened by our bartender pal Romy who seemed determined to get us drunk by plying us with quantities of alcohol normally reserved for embalming medium sized mammals. As fast as a drink was finished it magically refilled and the occasional Black Sambuca appeared as punctuation marks in the proceedings. At the end of this shameless excess and me going Karen Walker on several people who jostled me –  the bill was presented showing the amount owed as $38. God bless Romy for proving that sufficient alcoholic lubrication can make even extras from the Jerry Springer Show look like furry toys. I cast roaming charges to the wind at midnight T&T time as I attempted to call most of my friends. Thanks to TSTT and Digicel in Omar’s case not one call got through. At least I tried.I ended up back home ( apparently on foot) and that was the beginning of 2008 for me.

Today was a lazy day which I mainly spent tidying up my room and trying to get things into my suitcase. I managed to chat briefly with Omar online and even longer with Astrid. Speaking of Iggy she has restarted her blog and it very much her. Funny, cynical, introspective, irreverent and yet totally charming – it is basically Iggy in a nutshell. Omar has since been MIA but I am sure he will resurface soon enough having partied with the turtles last night.

Shortly Vic will ( apparently) drive me to the airport through snow covered streets and -13 degree temperatures, I will sigh and put up with the annoyances of checking in, then I will board the plane and chew nicorette for 5 hours until I get back to civilization as i know it. Sad to leave family but it is a part of life and my other family awaits.


December 30, 2007

Urban Decay

Not much to report today except i had an altercation in the bookshop when i tried to hide two Rachel Ray books under a pile of cardboard. It wasn’t my fault, I swear, I walked into the bookstore all cheerful planning to buy Khaled Hosseini’s new book at 30% off when i was confronted by her grinning visage as I entered. To make matters worse they had placed her next to Bourdain’s new book..something had to be done. At any rate no charges were pressed and I managed to get them to move her book away from Bourdain’s as I convinced them it would affect his sales. Interestingly, my Fodor’s Caribbean 2008 book was only 3 feet away from his I was quite chuffed.

I managed to survive another trip to the drugstore without too much financial damage today as well. I enjoyed asking the girl at the makeup counter to help me find my perfect match though, this being Toronto, she didn;t seem to surprised at the request. I eventually mentioned that it had to be able to hold up to studio lights which, along with me not shopping for dazzle eyeshadow may have  removed any fleeting thoughts she might have had. She was a pretty Indian girl and I have noticed a lot more Indians in the city this time around. I guess it is inevitable as India exerts its powerful presence around the world. Much of the software we use…well Windows users use…is created by Indian engineers and the cultural and technological influence of India is increasing rapidly.

What I also found interesting, and I realize this is subjective, is that the best looking people I have seen here..both male and female..have been Indian. It may be that my tastes have adjusted to Trinidad standards..but I don’t think so. There is something about that combination of aquiline features, jet black hair and almond eyes that makes people look good. Also the fact that they are not usually obese helps too.

Tomorrow is my penultimate day in TO and I am suspecting I will have to spend Midnight with Victor at a redneck place called Billy Bob’s replete with peanut shells on the floor. If you know me at know that is not my normal milieu. I am sure I will survive as I always do. Right now my thoughts are for my friends and ieTV colleagues to enjoy the last day of 2007 and that we all have a wonderfully unpredictable 2008. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.