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April 3, 2008

The silver tongued fox

Well I had Opposition Leader ( and former PM) Basdeo Panday on again today and, as was expected, he showed his skill at answering every question as if he had the script days beforehand. Actually, having interviewed him several times before we were able to have a conversation which just happened to be on camera. I had him on primarily to talk about the “laptop incident” which he  managed to get a great deal of mileage from.

In the hands of an expert even the smallest thing can be made to have great significance. This is not to say the matter of him being suspended from Parliament was a trivial matter as it most certainly wasn’t. I am of the view the House Speaker exercised extraordinarily poor judgment in enforcing a rule that, at best, was foolish. I really can’t see the difference between perusing a screen and reading a newspaper – a frequent sight in the chamber. The fact that many members choose the time to sleep is an even more offensive affair but apparently, to the speaker, not as shameless an act of effrontery as scrolling on a keyboard. Mr. Panday essentially called the speaker a “stooge” for the ruling party. Not an unsurprising take on the matter from his perspective.

Other than the interview it was a normal day of phoning around arranging future interviews and being tortured at the gym. Vashtee called a short while ago to say that there has been an explosion in downtown near the cathedral and that one person has been taken to hospital. I have not been able to confirm this but it has been just about three years since the last unsolved series of explosions in the capital. Let’s hope that it was just a vendor’s cooking appliance and not the start of another series of disruptive events.

The PM also addressed the nation this  evening to talk about food and crime but said nothing that has not been said before and until something concrete is seen coming out of his visions I think it is best we file the speech under the “lots of talk” category.