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July 8, 2008

Life in the fast lane.



Interesting day today what with feeling like crap and working. Actually, I was a bit tired of my hypochondriac self and proceeded with my day as normal. My 1pm interview with Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj was cancelled when he called at 7:30 to say he had to attend parliament. I have been doing this for a long time but even I have to defer to the business of the nation. My second interview with Kevin Ratiram was intact.


I did the makeup thing I hate and went down to the interview when I was called and informed he had arrived. It was interesting to say the least. Ratiram is a compatriot of Ramlogan and the entire COP crew but in my research I noted he is also an attorney/actor/model and and the new President of the Rotary Club of Penal. He has led some interesting cases that caught the news and he obviously lost in contesting the seat for the COP as they failed to gain a single seat. I was, however, astounded by his optimism and enthusiasm. Here is a young guy who is also a lawyer who sees the underside of T&T society and yet, if we are to believe him, he really feels he can make a change.  I am a natural cynic but I give him credit for being quite convincing  about his plans for the Rotary Club in Penal. The fact he looked like he came from Bollywood only made the whole experience more bizarre. But I say good for him and if his plans for change are really honest I wish him all the best.


I have been thinking a lot about what Bunny wrote in his blog. I would have never guessed a few years ago that reading something on the net would be a big deal in my life but apparently times have changed. The choice of changing jobs and, by definition, changing friends and environment. can be a serious thing. I  am now, as they say, carefully guided.

March 22, 2008

Cop-ing out


As I mentioned in previous blog entries the Congress of the People, the party that gave hope to many and ultimately fizzled out during elections is showing signs of becoming moribund. Since its defeat it has been drifting silently about like a great ocean liner that has lost its rudder and all power. Today Gillian Lucky announced her resignation from the party stating she was pulling out of politics altogether. Actually, she called me at home before I left for work to give me the news and I can’t say I was displeased with her decision. Her pullout marks what I feel will be the complete decline of a party that, despite starting out with a bang, has become a virtual political nonentity.

In a sense the decay was inevitable given the party failed to garner even a single seat in elections. Being in the political wilderness tends to limit how much exposure a party can get in the media ad thus it falls quickly of of the political radar. That being said, the COP had promised during the campaign that no matter what the outcome they would continue to be involved in steering the nation on the right course and remain actively involved in improving communities. Well, like a morning mist in sunshine those promises evaporated and turned into petty internal squabbling and the occasional press release commenting on national issues.

Even before the election loss Ms Lucky was being clearly marginalized in public. She was not invited to speak at the Women’s Forum and was also prevented from speaking at the final rally. That would be all well and good if there were time constraints or other high-profile speakers that needed to be heard but she was glossed over ( in the case of the final rally) for people that nobody had either heard of or cared to hear.

Gillian did not win her hotly contested seat but she has widespread public support and admiration for her straightforward approach and shoot from the hip attitude. People may say many things about political figures but nobody that i know questions her dedication to this country and her stubborn refusal to be bribed or placated into towing any line she disagrees with. He withdrawal from the COP is a major loss and, most likely, marks the beginning of the end of the COP’s credibility as a political party.

I wish Gillian all the best in continuing to fight the good fight and my humanitarian nature wishes the COP a fairly painless death.


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