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January 21, 2012

The Incredibly Awesome Masterbeat 2012 Countown.

Masterbeat’s mixdown/mashup in music and video of the best songs and major entertainment,  pop culture, political and LGBT events of 2011.I was waiting forever for them to upload this year’s video and notice that I must have missed when they uploaded it two weeks ago.

As it stirs memories expect to feel  elation, sadness, and everything in between. Enjoy!

December 31, 2011

What a year it was. Google’s 2011 Zeitgeist

What an incredible bit of video editing and also a reminder of how much  my knowledge has expanded because of my wonderful friends on G+ these past few months. This is not my New Year’s message but this video is a great opportunity to pause and reflect on what a remarkable year of  triumph, tragedy and  a celebration of the human spirit 2011 was.

November 29, 2007

Rock the Casbah

I nodded off for a bit this evening recovering from an interesting day. The Caribbean was struck by a 7.3 magnitude earthquake on Thursday in case anyone missed it in the news. Apparently we must have had somewhat lesser of a blow based on our distance and the fact the ieTV building didn’t collapse. As I sat at my desk peering at my powerbook I noticed that she was wobbling a bit more than usual and after realizing that nobody was walking past I announced to the newsroom “earthquake!”…to which the predictable response was “what?”. Shortly thereafter they all emerged realizing things were shaking.  The subsequent conversation in our second floor newsroom circulated around “should we stand in a doorway?”, “let’s go under a desk” to which my response was “it’s a glass desk..I don’t think it will help”. So after bickering for a minute or so the whole thing was over and we all shrugged and went back to work only more excited we had a new lead story.

I will write more later today but the experience of rocking uncontrollably never scares me and I loved the fact none of the newsroom staff fled the building while the entire TV staff were out the building and on the road. News people rule!

I got emails from Susan of Bucuti today which thrilled me and even the great Roy from Waterfront sent me an email. Despite the fact the Caribbean wasn’t shaken to the foundations we still manage  shaky email conversations.