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December 25, 2008

Green Christmas


It is raining gently on an eerily quiet Xmas night in Cascade and I am happy to be home. I am stil working every day without a break and writing for Fodor’s at night and frankly I am almost at breaking point. I worked today at the station and read news but the bonhomie and fun nature of the staff meant that it was actually not a bad choice of places to be so that at least put me in a good mood.

Yesterday was a different picture as i woke with that lovely anachronistic affliction called ague. I was shivering under the covers followed by sweating and with waves of nausea flowing over me for good measure. No chance of staying home so I finally cobbled my senses together with the help of handfuls of medication and went in. I made it through the day but it was also the evening of Alvie’s Xmas Eve get-together and i knew I was not in fit shape to make the drive. That was before I remembered what Alvie is like. I got the requisite call threatening me death should I not show up ( and that was the mildest of the threats) and I was informed that i would be advised to “get your sick ass here”.

Fortunately, Sam came to meet me at the station and assured me that should I faint he would drive the rest of the way and in any case fainting was better than imminent death. We made it and I saw that Alvie had laid out his usual spread and all I had to do was cook the 2 lbs of escargot. And really, what is Xmas without the traditional gastropod? 

Thankfully, I had finally taken the plunge and done all my Xmas shopping in 21 minutes the day before at Stetchers ( T&T’s equivalent of the perfume and cosmetics section of Bergdorf’s ). By simply spending enough money to keep a small family alive for 2 months I was able to get all 4 gifts that i needed. Alvie got a hamper of Clarins Men’s face products though he wanted Clinique ( sadly Stetchers does not do downmarket) which was a bit pricey but he is certainly worth it. Thankfully I didn’t decide to get him a book because he presented me with a framed Boscoe Holder original sketch. Whew! That was close!

So now I am home on Xmas evening glad to be quiet and uploading this little blog entry. The simple things in life are always the nicest.