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March 6, 2014

Happy Birthday To Verna St. Rose-Greaves

I love her beyond words. She is an amazing woman. Image

December 21, 2008

Another mini post

image-50ec0199aac911d9 I had a wonderful birthday quite above my expectations. Firstly I am really grateful to all the people who took the time to just wish me a happy birthday. Some did it on Facebook, some via text message, many called ( thankfully not too early) , people like Milo and my brother Vic who wrote me on this blog and, of course, my colleagues at work and my friends who spent time with me last evening. I don’t like my birthdays and my Mum tells me as a child I once had a crying fit and refused to attend my own birthday party – that explains many things.

As much as I hate the sign of another step towards the graveyard ( not that I have any fear of death – I don’t – I am a journalist) the thought that anyone would be sweet enough to send me a greeting makes me rather misty.

I read and produced news on my birthday and it was nice being around colleagues I love. Earlier on I ran to the supermarket and bought a lot of liquor and after the news I ordered a ridiculous amount of Chinese food considering I only expected about 8 people to show up. Who knew that a 1/4 portion served two? I now have a fridge full of leftover food. My few close friends and other came over and we had a few short but bonhomie and wine filled hours. Alvin had to open Sky so he and Binky had to leave at 10:30 but it was still wonderful having them. After that, because I had to work the next day, all the rest dispersed but one The two of us ended up popping into Sky as Alvin had forgotten his float at my place so we spent a quiet hour there before leaving.

All in all a really wonderful birthday and a reminded that growing older is not in itself a bad thing. I have made many great friends over the years and I seem to have the capacity to add another one to the list every now and then. Pity I can’t look like I did when the photo for this entry was taken.

And Milo thanks for the referral on my WALL-E review from your blog. I was wondering why I saw a big spike in hits. May I return the favour by suggesting everyone learn something about honesty in blogging and read your blog … The Year Zero.

I admire his willingness to bare his soul. It pleases my journalistic heart.

September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Google

It seems our favourite search engine and an indispensable part of modern life has just turned 10 today. Google has changed our world in many ways and very much for the better so I join with millions the world over in saying a big Happy Birthday. Heck if I had the skills I would even bake the guys a cake. Oh wait..I could google a recipe.

Speaking of Google, our vacation starved office staff have, of late, been amusing themselves by marveling over Google’s street view feature. If you haven’t tried it yet just go to and head to a major US city. Once you zoom in and switch to street view you too can enjoy the freaky thrill of driving through the streets and enjoying the sights. Might i suggest Manhattan or Hollywood and Vine . I always find it is best to start with the modern equivalents of Sodom and Gomorrah.

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