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October 14, 2013

Best of All – Gerard Besson on His New Book Aksum.

May 3, 2013

Economist Dr. Terrence Farrell

I interview many people but Dr. Terrence Farrell, Economist and former Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of T&T is certainly one of the smartest. A very affable interviewee as well.

November 25, 2010

Trying to Understand What Triggers Hatred and Bullying

As I mentioned in a previous entry I downloaded the book pictured above to my Kindle reader in an effort to make some sense of all the hatred and bullying that affects LGBT kids. I am not fooling myself into thinking that a genetic/fetal hormone explanation for  same sex attraction will suddenly make all the ignorance go away . Last time I checked being black or Asian was also genetic and those groups still have a lot of crap to endure from the ignorati. I am hoping to see why some kids get attacked for being gay or lesbian even before they have any clue what those terms mean. Young kids have no firm grasp on what sex or sexuality is and yet even at a very young age they are often singled out by bullies and their lives are made a living hell.  I am pretty sure that the vast majority of  LGBT kids who are victimized don’t even act on their attraction until years later.

The book, written by (gay) former Harvard neuroscientist Simon LaVey  looks at many possible determining factors that might lead to someone being gay or lesbian. He  examines the more likely scientific explanations such as genes, hormonal influences in the womb and permutations of those scenarios as well as casting a scientific eye on the usual “mommy’s boy” and “daddy’s girl” theories.  His analysis is deep and determined.

I am not finished reading yet but one section stood out for me in terms of the bullying issue:

“Psychiatrists who have seen many gay men in their practices do report that such men consistently speak of having been gender-nonconformist during their childhoods. Thus, Richard Isay, himself a gay man, wrote as follows:

Each of the several hundred gay men I have seen in consultation or treatment over the past 30 years has described having had one or more gender-discordant traits during childhood. Most frequently, they report a lack of interest in rough-and-tumble or aggressive sports; many speak of having preferred to play with girls rather than other boys… . Almost all recall that as children they felt a close bond with their mothers, with whom they shared many interests.

Reports such as this suggest that the stereotypes are correct, but still, there is reason for caution in interpreting them . Typically, these reports deal with gay men, not lesbians. And they may not be representative of all gay men: Boys who are strongly gender-nonconformist are more likely than other boys to experience anxiety and depression in adulthood, and for this reason may be more likely to end up in therapy.”

Mind you it is a no-brainer to me that the reason these kids experience depression and thoughts of suicide is because they believe all of humanity views them as an aberration and a sinner destined to rot forever in hell. They are too young to sort sense from deluded religious nonsense.

Even though ( as is obvious to most of us) pre-gay kids may display gender non-conformist behaviors at an early age , the victimization problem lies squarely on the shoulders of the parents of the bullies. If they raise kids who cannot see variations from the norm in terms of appearance and behavior without attacking the difference – they have to look at  themselves as the cause.  Parents teach intolerance in many ways, sometimes they are subtle and sometimes they are overt.  If your normal dinner table conversation involves words like “those faggots” then don’t be surprised if your child ends up in court.

Without giving the game away; the author scientist seems to leave little doubt that being gay or lesbian is something that is biologically ingrained. And speaking of which who knew that sheep were closest to humans in having a definite orientation regardless of the ratio of males to females? Hello Dolly!