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January 17, 2012

The Second European Conference on LGBT Families – Catalonia 2012

European Documentary Lesbian and Gay Families, produced by Flg. Available from March 2012. More information

The Second European Conference on LGBT Families want to share the situation of legal rights and inequality suffered by children of LGBT families in different countries across Europe. We work together with other organizations and governments to make progress on the rights of citizenship.We are expecting between 700 and 800 people from different European countries to attend the Conference. It is our intention to spread the achievements of social rights regarding LGBT people in our country.

The meeting will combine conferences, workshops, shared life experiences and leisure time for all families. It is our main objective to make our families visible and to have an impact on the media in our country and abroad.

In the meeting, we will broadcast our second documentary “Homo baby boom” based on the daily lives of LGTB families in different European countries.

The website (in English) is here.