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November 23, 2010

Dedicated to Seth Walsh

I am still in Curacao but after an internet conversation with my friend ( and Super-Dad)  Eric  I decided that we should all pause and remember an amazing kid who killed himself as a result of bullying. A bright light that has gone out but who lives on in millions of us. A little kid whose death has spurred many of us into not being silent and speaking out on behalf of all who are different.

Too often the internet is about short-lived things. Many of us refuse to let Seth and others be a forgettable media focus. Seth has changed lives without ever knowing his little tortured soul was that memorable. It is. I have changed my blog and  decided that whatever I do can’t be enough. Eric has started a field of study to make a difference. I can only imagine the other lives that Seth has changed.  We are determined to  stop future generations of LGBT kids being tortured and disparaged for just existing and celebrating who they are.

It is time ,we decide that every time a Matthew Shepard dies alone on a fence or a little Seth puts a noose around his neck they cause a million sparks.Those sparks should make us all work to prevent  this ever happening again. It is still happening every day. Don’t just sit there – visibility is power.

And a dedication: