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December 27, 2011

Upcoming film Mixed Kebab looks interesting.

Given my fascination with the Islamic world I will have to see this when it premieres. Thanks to Peter Galazka on G+. The only plot info online says “Ibrahim chooses to live with Kevin over marrying his cousin Elif.”


February 27, 2011

Our remarkable universe – solar flare video

Via Russia Today.

“NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory filmed images of a large solar flare on February 24 2011. The (M3.6 rating) event is not the strongest solar flare ever recorded but was still big enough to kick up a huge tendril of plasma, known as a solar prominence. The entire eruption lasted for about 90 minutes. Thursday’s flare was the latest in a recent series of of sun storm emissions, but its blast was directed away from the Earth and is not expected to pose any disruption to satellites or other electronic systems. Scientists use a three tier system to classify solar flares; Class X are the largest and most powerful, Class M are medium but still considered very large, while Class C are the weakest..””