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March 17, 2011

Hands on with the Samsung Galaxy Tab


I just bought my Samsung Galaxy Tab a couple of days ago although it wasn’t something I had planned to buy. Truth be told, I didn’t think much of tablets as I found them too big to be truly portable and too limited in their scope. Then, out of the blue, a colleague at work told me he had a Tab for sale that had been sent to him from the UK. He asked if I wanted to try it  and an hour after having it in my hand I was truly and deeply in love with the thing.

I had a friend’s iPad for a month setting it up for him and after one day with it I put it down on the couch and never touched it again until I handed it back to him. It is ungainly, heavy and not practical  for  much. Trying to read an ebook on it was an exercise in wrist strain and the its constant need to have its umbilical cord attached to iTunes for any sort of transfer is a complete annoyance.  Not so with the Galaxy Tab.

The 7″ form factor is a complete joy to hold and operate with one hand. Android 2.2 works brilliantly  and  loading my media can be done wirelessly or by hooking it up to my laptop and dragging and dropping. The Tab knows exactly what kind of file I am loading and they show up in the library of whatever application I am using. Everything opens quickly and,  though I think there is a special place in hell  for screen keypads, the Swype input mehod on the Tab is actually very fast and easy to use.

Speaking of the screen it is a thing of beauty. Bright and sporting a pixel density that is higher than the iPad which makes everything remarkably sharp. It doesn’t actually feel like a small screen.

Battery life, even with my profilgate use of EDGE data, WiFi, Bluetooth and video watching is pretty remarkable. I have been using it constantly for the last 11 hours and the battery is still reading over 50%.

Because it is the UK model and hasn’t been crippled like the US/Canadian models ( I assume the Canadian model is the same as the US one) it is also a pretty damned good phone. I have been using it as  a speaker phone and,  with a Jawbone BT earpiece as an excellent phone for the office ( about 50 foot range) and in the car.

My colleague sold me the Tab and the keyboard dock as a package.  For anyone planning to do a lot of typing the keyboard is a complete joy and pretty  darned smart looking too.

I have typed this entire entry on the Galaxy Tab and plan to use it extensively for future blog entries and for uploading photos to my flickr account and videos to my Vimeo account.

March 8, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2011


Alvie and Vedesh looking up at me on my perch on Tragarete Rd.

Trinidad Carnival 2011 ,which accounted for my virtual absence from the blogosphere, is now over. In case anyone doesn’t know T&T Carnival is billed locally as the Greatest Show on Earth – if nothing else it is one of the biggest street parties on earth. Took about 200  shots from our headquarters on Tragarete Rd, Port of Spain which was a busy Carnival thoroughfare.

Pics are available as a Flickr set here.