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November 17, 2008

Curiously Curacao


This is such a beautiful  island and it screams to be photographed. Today was just the usual flurry of Stephen and I running around to various properties. Willemstad is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it truly deserves the nomenclature. It is like a strange slice of Europe in the Caribbean. Cobblestones, magnificent architecture, lovely small shops…all here and all delightful. 

Had dinner at Fort Nassau high above the city and actually enjoyed it though the portions were too big for me. Perfect carpaccio, tender ultra rare steak and an incredible view. Not bad though Fort Nassau is not exactly an affordable place. 

I think I may need to take advantage of my EU passport and move here and open an affordable restaurant based on true Caribbean fusion. I can do it and it would put me in a place that I love and that is  close to Bonaire ( the place I love for no rational reason) and Aruba where I have friends.

This might be a life changing trip..and practical too..I could save a fortune on airfare every year if I lived here. Interestingly, before my first trip to Curacao I had a very vivid dream in which I was in a church yard and was walking around looking at a peculiar above ground cemetery and exploring the grounds. When I arrived in Curacao I was being driven around and the actual church in my dream came into view. I screamed..STOP!! And I walked around the property and it was exactly what I saw in my dream and explained why I was puzzled by the architecture in my dream. Curacao architecture is unique so small wonder I could not place it. Since that time I have felt an affinity for Curacao. Stephen kindly stopped at the church today for me to see it and I was reminded of why I have a bond with this island. My dreams told me about it before  i ever arrived.