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September 3, 2013

Dear Stephen Elop – Please Go Fuck Yourself.

Via USA Today –

Microsoft late Monday announced it is buying Nokia’s smartphone and cellular handset business in a deal worth $7.2 billion.

As part of the deal, Microsoft will own the company which has been a leader in creating the Lumia line of smartphones that run Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system. Microsoft is paying $5 billion to buy Nokia’s Devices & Services unit and an additional $2.2 billion to license Nokia’s patents for $2.2 billion.

The deal formally puts the two companies together after collaborating closely since Feb. 2011 to create handsets that compete with those from Apple and Samsung. The companies have made in-roads in many parts of the world, including Europe, but are still facing headwinds in the U.S. Windows Phone has already surpassed BlackBerry as the third largest smartphone platform according to some analysts.

My take? As an owner of a Nokia 808 PureView and as the owner of many Nokia phones before that  – totally screw you Stephen Elop.  You have killed one of the most innovative companies in the world. You chose a partnership with Windows ( and I like MS – they are a good OS and they support equality) over Android and you sealed Nokia’s doom. I am deeply ashamed you studied in Canada and as a Canadian I say – ‘Fuck you!’ – not in a small way – in a major way. Yet another reason McMaster sucks compared to U of T – they graduated you.

I am assuming you will never be proud that one of the most innovative companies in the world chose you as CEO and you totally sold them up the river – but maybe that was your plan all along.

I really hate you.


And how much of an  asswipe is Stephen Elop? It was all his plan apparently.

Stephen Elop will be stepping aside from his role as Nokia’s president and CEO, and returning to the Redmond giant in a new role, under Microsoft’s acquisition bid.

Elop steps aside as Nokia CEO to lead devices team under Microsoft’s acquisition.

Following today’s announcement of the deal, he will become executive vice president of devices and services at Nokia, and report directly to Microsoft chief Steve Balmer.

Elop will run an expanded devices team which will also include all of Microsoft’s current Devices and Studios work and most of the teams coming over from Nokia.

And guess where he came from? That’s right Microsoft. You are my new definition of asshole Elop. I hope you personally meet the fate of the Nokia you threw over the bridge,

I have always wanted to say this – Fuck you and the horse you rode in on Stephen Elop!


Me and my Nokia 808 PureView – which also says ‘Fuck you!’