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October 9, 2008

Trying times

It  has been a while since my last entry but trust me when I say the title for this entry was not hard to choose. I sit here typing this entry on my iMac as my trusty Tinkerbell has had a serious incident and will have to undergo  emergency heart surgery in the next few days. It seems her hard drive has finally bitten the dust and though I probably haven’t lost too much since I tend to backup frequently and .mac or .me or whatever the hell it is called now will resynchronise all my contacts and email accounts once I get her back up and running but it is still a traumatic time. I take Tinkerbell ( my 12” powerbook) everywhere so I have lost all interest in the internet since she went into a coma. Honestly, I have not logged on to MSN, uploaded a blog or even checked my favourite RSS feeds. Bless her incapacitated 12” soul but she is my primary machine and is in use all the time in our newsroom too.

As I writer this I am not unaware of the turmoil afflicting world financial markets and as I look at the web I see that it is now down over 10% a troubling development in an already upsetting week. Markets are tanking the world over and yet I am still seeing TV analysts asking if we are on the verge of a global recession. I believe the answer is a very definite yes and having lived through quite a few I know  it will last a few years. The markets falling is, of course, a symptom of a slight panic on the part of investors but it is a state of panic in the face of some piss poor economic results being seen from a number of countries around the world.  Ireland, long the economic tiger of Europe, is now in recession and the economic tiger of Asia – Singapore – has just joined it with GDP down over 6% for a second quarter. We are in for a very bumpy ride and I see large job losses and a general tightening of belts in our future. It will certainly get worse before it gets better and anyone expecting a turnaround soon is a few nuggets short of a happy meal. We are in for a trying time as  markets readjust and the economy finds new firm ground to stand on. Funny how we never learn a lesson from past mistakes as it always comes down to easy credit. Read a bit on the Great Depression and the similarities become rather disconcerting.

In other personal news I have been afflicted with a sort of technological blight in the last two weeks. It started with my Mondeo not functioning properly and a missing mechanic who had to set some things right. It moved on to my beloved Samsung D900 being unable to charge owing to a poorly designed charger port which is now in a repair shop and don’t even let me get started on that fiasco but it still leaves me without my 2000 contacts easily accessible ( they were mirrored on my laptop but she is not able to help me either). Then, while trying to resuscitate Tinkerbell I started feeling a bit warm in my living room and realised my groovy electronic fan had conked out.  I think I need a voodoo doctor to stop me before I kill more tech.

Just watched “Life on Mars” the new series on ABC. I like the weird premise of a police officer being transported back to 1973  but in the midst of my new technology snafu it has made me even more depressed. Watching the character getting used to everything in the world of 1973 I realised that, though I was not quite a teenager yet, I remembered the music, the cars, the references, Richard Nixon, 8 tracks and even the bad hairstyles. Suddenly my memories make me dated – a virtual dinosaur in the modern world. I should have seen this coming when chatting with one of our 20-something IT people not too long ago I casually mentioned that I remembered how annoying using punch cards for input was and he looked at me like I fell from space. He had never heard of punch cards and card readers and told me that he never knew I was that old. I guess i am.