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January 4, 2012

I’m from Driftwood – A Hawaiian Elder.

What an amazing personal story from an older Hawaiian LGBT person.  Speaking of culture and colonialism and loving yourself.

The I’m From Driftwood Project is one of my faves.

November 6, 2011

Last night’s BP media event

2011-11-05 21.02.02.jpg2011-11-05 21.05.58.jpg2011-11-05 21.13.37.jpg
2011-11-05 20.21.13.jpg2011-11-05 20.21.08.jpg2011-11-05 20.06.52.jpg2011-11-05 20.02.37.jpg2011-11-05 19.37.50.jpg2011-11-05 19.29.47.jpg

BP media ‘lime’, a set on Flickr.

Had a blast at the media event last night. The theme was Hawaiian.