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December 29, 2010


Tomorrow I will try and blog about how the current incarnation of the blog came about and how a very proud Canadian came to be living  and working in Trinidad. It will be cathartic all round.

My pal @hellomilo suggested it and I guess it makes sense. I don’t like to be too personal lately but being home in Toronto has spurred me on to  express why my freedom to be myself here has forced me to blog the matter of human rights to the rest of the world. Let’s see if I find time in between my writing for Fodor’s  to actually get a blog on the subject out.

I will say that though I was born in Ireland I consider Canada my home and I am prouder of it than I can possibly express – Stephen Harper notwithstanding. I guess I channel Trudeau all the time.

October 3, 2010

And speaking of good things…

No sooner did I write about my blogging pal M of The Year Zero  than he posted a pretty cool video he made while in Alberta. He visited the location where Brokeback Mountain was filmed and decided to make a video of his ‘pilgrimage’. Enjoy.

Note the original video was taken down and reedited – here it is:

October 3, 2010

On a different topic.

Not to forget there is a lot of beauty in the world. My internet pal M has been blogging his trip to the rockies over at  The Year Zero.  His photographs are gorgeous and some even a bit surreal. Give it a gander.