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December 28, 2011

It Gets Better for LGBT Arabs

Don’t think I have seen another video directly addressing the concerns of young Arabs in the project.  Visit his website here.

To ALL LGBT Arabs – there is absolutely nothing wrong with you! You are not sick, perverted, or freaks. You and me, we are just like anybody else. I’m a regular guy who simply happens to be gay – thats all. We are human and we deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. People may disagree, people may think we are sinful and thats fine. That is their issue. You and me, we are beautiful. It can get better and it will get better for LGBT Arabs!

December 10, 2011

For Jonah Mowry. Whats going on?

Johah Mowry was the teen who posted that moving flash card video  explaining how he was tormented at school for just being who he is.See a video interview with him on Good Morning America here.

Johnny Robinson, the Homecoming King is pretty awesome for doing this though. A real ‘Awww’ moment.

Via The Advocate read article here.

February 20, 2011

And how are the protests going in the Arab World?

As thousands if not millions of people in the Arab world struggle for their rights in the face of  repressive regimes it is becoming clear that the protesters are braver than most of us. In Libya, Bahrain and throughout the region people are losing their lives just asking for their rights to have a voice in their country.

Puts your weekend in perspective.



In Yemen.

October 11, 2010

The sadness that dare speak its name.

Moving tribute to all the kids who lost hope. Let’s see if we can all intervene and stop this ugliness.

Via Pride in Utah a great site that needs support.

On the good side I have two interviews scheduled tomorrow both dealing with bullying and one specifically with bullying based on orientation.

Happy N.C.O.D. to my UK friends ( and that means you M and C)

October 11, 2010

This made my day.

Sometimes when I think there is no hope for an end to bullying or for LGBT kids I get a tweet like this from one of my Twitter friends.

Been reading your lovely blog with my kids, 12 & 14, who don’t understand why LGBTs get bullied. “But they’re just like us, only cooler.”

It seems there is hope for a brighter future – it is called the next generation and good parenting.

Thank you for making my day.