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September 3, 2014

Farewell Cyberdog I hardly knew ye.

Before Apple came up with Safari they had another browser that they killed a year after it’s birth in 1995. After Apple abandoned it people like me could still download it from various mirrors so we could run it on older Macs using Motorola or even PowerPC CPUs. This evening after cranking up my trusty G3 I noticed that even the mirrors are dead so it is a lot harder to find the OpenDoc based browser.


I am a geek so it is a sad moment for me. In honor of Apple’s noble attempt to enter the internet era without Netscape or Internet Explorer Mac I present to you my screenshot of Cyberdog running on my iBook G3. Fare thee well proud dog!

Picture 9

December 2, 2010

Internet too slow to do much right now.

Now in Aruba and the Renaissance has a pretty piss poor WiFi service. I may transfer to the Westin tomorrow here I have been promised a great suite has been reserved for me with full WiFi. The key words in the promise to me are WiFi.


In the meantime, though I have much to tell about LGBT issues and these islands I will leave you with a little song via Towleroad.

There be pirates!.