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January 3, 2012

It Gets Better: Coming Out as a Gay Pakistani Muslim

Another interesting post from a Muslim. Thoughtful and practical views on being a queer person of Pakistani origin and his experience of , among other things, discrimination in dating based on color.

My small contribution to “It Gets Better.” A message for gay folk of color, South Asians, Pakistanis, and Muslims in the process of coming out 🙂


December 28, 2011

It Gets Better for LGBT Arabs

Don’t think I have seen another video directly addressing the concerns of young Arabs in the project.  Visit his website here.

To ALL LGBT Arabs – there is absolutely nothing wrong with you! You are not sick, perverted, or freaks. You and me, we are just like anybody else. I’m a regular guy who simply happens to be gay – thats all. We are human and we deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. People may disagree, people may think we are sinful and thats fine. That is their issue. You and me, we are beautiful. It can get better and it will get better for LGBT Arabs!

December 27, 2011

Upcoming film Mixed Kebab looks interesting.

Given my fascination with the Islamic world I will have to see this when it premieres. Thanks to Peter Galazka on G+. The only plot info online says “Ibrahim chooses to live with Kevin over marrying his cousin Elif.”


December 6, 2010

The Horror of Life in Iran

Read an extraordinary article by Otar Makharashvili about life for LGBT people, and specifically gay men, in Iran today. Disturbing would be too mild a word to describe the horrors that are going on in that country. How does one reason with a nation that treats its own citizens like this?

Via @vonIrrwegen on Twitter.

His first arrest for being gay came when police raided a party. He was imprisoned, tortured, raped and sentenced to 100 lashes: “After fifteen lashes the pain went away and I became unconscious. I was biting my arms so hard, to keep from screaming, that I left deep teeth wounds in my own arms. Eventually I passed out before 100 lashes were over. I do not remember a thing. When I woke up, my arms and legs were tight and I was lying on the ground in a cellar. I knew I was going to die that day that they were going to kill me and I wanted them to. It was better then public humiliation, better then seeing my parents faces when they found out I was gay.”

Read the full article here.