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April 9, 2013

My Interview with Former Prime Minister Basdeo Panday

April 9, 2013

My Interview with Former Prime Minister Basdeo Panday

November 26, 2012

My Interviews With the Incredible Verna St. Rose-Greaves

I love few guests as I love Verna St. Rose -Greaves. She is also a friend and when my Dad passed away one of the first people I had to call to give me strength was Auntie Verna. She was there at the funeral giving me her quiet strength.  This was the first time she spoke to media in this way and discussed governance, alcoholism and Jack Warner ( sorry CNC3) the action gets going at 14:40) . She is an extraordinary woman and, like dad, she is completely fearless. Another regret of many I have is that I never brought her to dad and Myda’s home to see them interact. When I die I want Auntie Verna to ring the bell at my funeral. Crazy Verna my ass – she is the sanest person I know.





November 17, 2012

The National Security Minister of T&T Actually Sent This Out Today.

When this arrrived on my Blackberry this afternoon I thought it was a joke – apparently it isn’t. Sent to all media from his communications person’s email.

Honourable Attorney General,
I wish to extend my congratulations to you for our victory over British Aerospace Engineering Systems (BAE) one of the world’s largest military defence companies. 

With this victory, you have indelibly etched your name into the annals of legal history for no other Attorney-General who served our celebrated twin Republic has ever been as successful as you have proven to be.

Many raised questions about the conferral of the title Silk on you my Attorney General but this victory deserves more than the title Silk, it deserves the highest awards which can be conferred upon any citizen of our country.

Surely, you have earned a place in history but moreso you have forged a place into the hearts of every patriotic citizen of this country. You have demonstrated to one and all that once again we have no need to fear the might of global giants when we have astute and sound leadership among the heads of our Government.

My friend, this victory I am sure is the most astounding in any courts, arbitration or otherwise, which has been experienced by any Attorney General in our region and thus at your tender age places you on the pedestal with many that walked these paths before.

Your victory makes a mockery of Rowley’s call for your resignation. It makes a mockery of David Abdullah’s call for you to go. It brings into disrepute the many who were fooled into marching against you my friend because now the national and international communities will celebrate you as the best Attorney General Trinidad and Tobago has ever had.

In this regard, I extend to you congratulations and my deepest thanks both as a citizen and as one of your colleagues in Government. I also extend to our Hon Prime Minister my commendation for having selected you to the post of Attorney General. I wish to admonish you to continue providing this Government with sterling quality leadership and service and I am sure that before the end of the day we as a nation will all continue to rise.

God bless you Attorney General and I thank you. Regards
 Jack Warner
 Minister of National Security

March 22, 2012

Mary King Interview – March 21, 2012 – ieTV

Interview with the former Minister of Planning for Trinidad & Tobago who was dismissed over allegations of a conflict of interest. This is her first TV interview since she was cleared of the allegations by GOPAC – the Global Organizations of Parliamentarians Against Corruption.

Owing to a staffing challenge at ieTV on March 21, 2012 this was a one camera shoot. Cameraman/Director -Vishaal Ramnarine.

March 2, 2012

UNC Chairman Jack Warner Says he Will Contest Again

March 2, 2012

Hon PM,

I did say publicly that I propose to announce today whether I shall be contesting the post of Chairman of the UNC in the upcoming Party elections.
I therefore now do wish to inform you before informing the Media at 1:00pm today that I have decided to contest the post of Chairman of the UNC once again.
I wish to take this opportunity first and foremost to thank the media and all members of the national community who have stood strong with me during my first term in office as the Chairman of the United National Congress offering both support and critique of my stewardship during that period.
Hon PM, I acknowledge the ways in which you have strengthened my resolve and thus provide the catalyst to guide me in my decision to offer myself for service for yet another term as Chairman of the United National Congress.
This decision was not an easy one to make but in my moments of reflection I have realised that my commitment to service has not diminished, my drive to ensure that the United National Congress remains the preferred option of Government for all nationals has not died and my promise to provide a society of which our posterity will be proud is still to be fulfilled.
In 2010, I was part of the strategic management team that dismantled the corrupt and arrogant People’s National Movement and vowed that in my life time never to allow them to return to Government again.
To do so requires a leadership that is audacious, fearless and strong and I am convinced that I can offer such quality to whichever team is elected by the members of the United National Congress.
I am not prepared to run with any slate since history is replete with examples underscoring the negative impact such an approach can have on the party. In this regard, I offer myself for service and I am committed to be loyal to the party and all the members elected by the membership of the Rising Sun.
The UNC needs a Chairman who will not divide the party, who will hold the party together and keep it focused on the goal of laying a foundation of strength for the sustainable development of this country.
The UNC needs a Chairman who in spite of the turbulence of the waters will hold the ship together and guide it safely into harbour securing the health and reputation of all its crew and members.
My loyalty to the party and to you, Hon PM, can never be challenged. My commitment to your leadership stands assured. My availability to our activists and ground soldiers is evident in their many requests to me to offer myself for service.
As such, I can do none other but to declare that Jack Warner will be contesting the March 24, 2012 Internal Elections of the United National Congress for the post of Chairman of the UNC.
Jack Warner
United National Congress
May 29, 2011

Jack Warner’s response to today’s FIFA ruling