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April 16, 2012

14-year-old Kenneth James Weishuhn of Primghar, Iowa took his life on Saturday, April 14th 2012, after being bullied for recently coming out as a GLBT teen a few months ago.

This is via @equalitopia and CNN ireport

14-year-old Kenneth James Weishuhn of Primghar, Iowa took his life on Saturday, April 14th 2012, after being bullied for recently coming out as a GLBT teen a few months ago.

I can’t yet verify the facts but will note any change. ( There is a FB tribute  page here). The facts have been verified by a reader. Get more details from the Paulina Times here.

Thankfully here in T&T a number of great young people have set up the  Silver Lining Foundation to help stop this madness.

And LGBTnation  news has a story on the tragedy. When will this stop?  LGBTnews  says funeral Services are scheduled for Thursday, April 19, 2012 at the Grace Lutheran Church in Primghar, Iowa.


November 28, 2010

Pride and Extreme Prejudice.

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Another day in Bonaire though I spent most of it on my own just writing and watching the rain. This evening I had pause to think about some issues that affect me deeply. The UN 3rd Committee vote still angers me.It has skewed how I view Caribbean governments. I had two online exchanges about it  today – the wonder of  the internet with me being on a tiny rock in the Caribbean Sea right now.

In the first exchange I was speaking to a longtime friend about the vote and he said he was proud of the stance I was taking online and otherwise on the matter of  equal rights. I might have used a few choice works about T&T’s abstention but he shared my view that it was a disgrace. The second exchange  followed a tweet I sent noting that after Haiti’s vote for removing sexual orientation from the document protecting people from extra-judicial killings I was ambivalent about whatever happened to that country. A very thoughtful friend noted that I should take a larger view and that the UN countries behind the vote were also behind the fiasco that was today’s vote in Haiti.  I respectfully noted that when it comes to human rights and the right to not be  killed  I will not take a broader view.  Haiti is not a place I will feel too deeply about and that is being polite.  I am still extremely angry about that vote so perhaps I better move along.

In brighter news – and I mean a lot brighter – India celebrated Pride Day today for the first time since the decriminalizing of homosexuality last year. They have shown the world that they are a force to be reckoned with both economically and socially. Pity the Caribbean couldn’t jump on that train but I guess Benin and Uganda were more attractive.  It seems that LGBT Indians have no problem in adopting the Western pride flag and not just in a small way :

I have never had one before but my country of the day today is India for showing that things can really change and that diversity is nothing to be feared.

It would be remiss of me to not mention a post on LGBTQNation by Brody Levesque that mirrors how I feel in general about these ‘discussions’ about human rights;

“Instead, I have to ask a simple question: “When does it stop?”

I am tired of the non-stop barrage of hatred that spews out of the mouths of these high priced Washington D.C.-based lobby outfits, whose sole purpose is predicated on their belief that their God calls them to interfere with the private sexual lives and reproductive rights of their fellow citizens.

I’ve actually read that rather quaintly outdated bit of fictional literature, and no where does it command them to strip their neighbors of dignity, happiness, and pursuit of personal freedoms and expressions of love. Yet, in reality, this is precisely what Tony Perkins, Brian Brown, and a host of these alleged Christians and organizations campaign for.

Now, in fairness, LGBTQ people do present a “clear and present danger” to these organizations.

Simply? If being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender, was treated as a condition of a variant of humanity, say like one’s skin color or hair color, the there would be no need to demonize LGBTQ persons.

No campaign, no threat — equals no money.

There is the unspoken truth that organized religions will not discuss. Its the proverbial elephant in the room, as most religions have stopped being a force for good and a loving outlet to ease a human’s path through life, and instead have become big business.

Which, I need to add, according to considerable recent study of this issue by a group of pollsters and journalists, has spent an amazing $1.4 billion dollars on just waging a war against the LGBTQ citizens of the United States since 1977.

Imagine if that sum had been spent instead on food, medicines, housing, clothing, or some other form of charitable work.”

Read the rest of the excellent article here.

November 7, 2010

Sometimes ignorance speaks for itself…

Thanks to LGBTQNATION I managed to see my blood pressure rise to near eardrum popping levels this evening. The article in question pointed me to a video of a Pastor James Manning in New York City expressing various views on the subject of homosexuality. These views include the predictable ‘going to hell’ scenario and encouraging his followers to use words like ‘fag’, ‘bulldagger’ and ‘sodomite’ because they get more attention. Lovely. I fumed for a moment pondering  how anyone who proclaims to be a Christian would possibly think that these are the messages they were meant to take from the New Testament. Then it occurred to that , as McLuhan said – the medium is the message.  One of my earliest summer jobs was at the Archives of Ontario where I had the pleasure of going through Mr. McLuhan’s personal papers as we cataloged them. The main thing that struck me of about the medium spouting this particular message of hate is that he is clearly as dumb as a post.  More thoughts after the gentleman fool in question :


Now, even a quick analysis  of the video will see certain things jump out at you. The pastor is not a very good speaker for one thing. His grasp of English seems shaky at best so perhaps his notions have come about as a result of either a poor education that ended at grade 5 or perhaps he has some other mental challenge we are not told about. Pastor, LGBT are not ‘alphabets’ – they are letters.  Perhaps  an ‘aborition’ is an abomination that was terminated early so it would be unfair to comment on what may be a newly coined portmanteau word.

While it would be hard not to admire the pastor for taking such a commendable cosmic view that there is no place for homosexuality in the universe I am not entirely sure he is actually authorized to  speak for every planet.  The “Mr. Obama show us your birth certificate please” sign also adds very nicely to the whole crackpot quality of the medium in question. I guess they ran out of “9/11 was a CIA plot” posters in the conspiracy store that day. All of that is fine since Forrest taught us  that ‘stupid is as stupid does’ , but I have to say one assertion he makes goes beyond mere stupidity – it enters into the realm of criminally idiotic. I hope when the pastor says , with a straight ( though you never know) face , that words like ‘fag’ are not hateful he is also willing to be as charitable when some other bigot hurls an equally charged word at him.

Finally, I believe the poor ignorant messenger needs to be reminded that while wearing a poly-cotton shirt with a contrasting collar IS an ‘aborition’ – people just being who they are isn’t.

People like him shouldn’t raise our ire ; they should make us feel sorry that there are more imbeciles like him in the world and that nobody of any sense should listen to a word they have to say. Now that I think about it maybe there is something about that last name and religion that makes them go a bit crazy.


Apparently, he also thinks the CIA is out to get him too.  Damn them. Oops, he used the ‘G’ word when he was supposed to use the ‘F’ word. I think he is discrediting himself very nicely all by his lonesome. And he is back with that infernal collar too.

That’s all folks!

Can I get an Amen?