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August 15, 2010

The perils of Spam


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I know this showed up on my twitter feed here but I found it enormously horrifying that Spam has so many versions. As if the prospect of eating mystery meat were not enough you can now add even more questionable additives to it like “cheese”.

What amazes me even more is the fact that the price is truly ridiculous. You could buy a decent cut of meat or even three tins of corned beef for the price. Apparently the US community here in Cascade/St. Ann’s is from trailer parks in the Midwest or Hawaii – I can see no other reason for having such a display of overpriced bad food. Surely no T&T national would eat this muck?

One thing that disturbs me is that the variety of tinned fish is diminishing ( Canadian brands are vanishing here) but the Spam section is expanding. I think this might be yet another sign of End of Days.

That being said, on the same trip where I took this pic I decided to make split pea soup from scratch for the first time. I bought a bag of dried peas for about 75 cents Canadian and some onions and thyme. When I got home I invented a recipe and soaked the split peas in water in the fridge, caramelized some onions in an uncovered pressure cooker, added the peas, threw in some garlic and thyme and covered the cooker. Half an hour later I had the most delicious soup I have ever had ( after balancing with salt and pepper). Six servings of amazing soup for under $2 CAN. I think that beats Spam hands down.