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May 12, 2008

Tender is the night

The funny thing with blogging, or at least my version, is that I sometimes take longer thinking up an entry title than I do actually writing the entry itself. I realise, given the quality of some of my entries, that this might not come as a surprise to most readers but I still find it interesting. Why I chose to use the name of one of my favourite F. Scott Fitzgerald novels is anyone’s guess but I just sort of liked the sound of it. I love reading but there are few book titles that really capture my attention – Tender is the Night is one of them, as is The Beautiful Room is Empty by Edmund White ( though I am not as crazy about the content of that one). Speaking of blog entries ( and I was) I got an interesting comment from ( apparently) Nawab Ibrahim Ali Khan Shish Mahal related to my previous entry entitled Days Go By. I am very glad he took the time to post a comment and when I have time I will certainly respond to his invitation to gather more information about he intrigue surrounding the real claimants to that particular title.

It was a pretty normal day at work today and I confess I spent much of it tinkering with my newly adopted Power Macintosh G4 533 Dual Processor that Richard passed on to me so as to give it a happy home. I really don’t need another Macintosh in my place but with me and Macs need always takes a back seat to want. I got the old girl working this afternoon and I will buy a couple of extra hard drives and a new monitor for her during the week to get her fully up and running. I must say for a 7 year old machine she seems to be able to hold her own in terms of speed with my newer and ostensibly faster Macs. I really must stop anthropomorphising Apple products it is turning into a money pit for me and results in me being surrounded by more bits of technology than I could conceivably ever find good use for. I might donate her to an orphanage or seniors home once she is fully kitted out.

I was very happy to learn this morning that Philippa Talma was finally released by her captors after 9 days in captivity and the trauma of her kidnap ordeal. We have been told she is in good shape but I am sure that if she managed to escape physical harm the mental anguish will not be any easy matter to deal with. I understand that money may have been paid to the kidnappers ( we were told it amounts to $60,000 ) but nothing close to the $3 million demanded. It is all well and good for the authorities to say that the family should not give in to the demands of kidnappers and I understand the concept of what they are saying but if it were my family member I would do anything to get them back. I don’t know what her family situation is like but I hope she and her kids pack their bags and get out of this country as soon as possible. I don’t say this because I believe we should throw our hands in the air and give up but I truly feel it may be better for the recovery process if they deal with the aftermath in a totally different environment.  Speaking of which, there were three more murders overnight bringing our count for the year to just under 170. Has the government immediately expressed their horror at the current state of affairs? Nope. They will continue to build countless tall buildings no doubt under the assumption that if we keep looking up we, like the PM, will not be troubled by whatever dirty business is going on at ground level.

Off to bed now as I actually went out with Alvin, Binky et al last night and ended up crawling into bed after 4am abuzz with diet cokes. There’s much to be said for alcohol as opposed to aspartame. Still, I had a good time and caught up with some old friends while meeting a couple of interesting new acquaintances. .