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February 25, 2012

K2K On Stage On Carnival Tuesday – Video

The beautiful Carnival Band I played with in Port  of Spain, Trinidad  – K2K – which debuted this year. It was beautiful being in the band but even prettier looking  at it through a spectator’s eyes. I am in the video too – hint – look for a green costume worn by a guy with no rhythm.

April 7, 2011

Test shots from the Galaxy Tab

Photos taken this afternoon at the Queen’s Park Savannah and Botanical Gardens in Port of Spain, Trinidad. It has to be said that the huge size of the Tab and the fact you have to touch the screen to snap the pic does not make for  very steady shots. I subsequently realized that I had the Tab set to a resolution of 800 X 600 instead of 2048 X 1536. That explains the low quality.

August 20, 2010

Keep on walking


Originally uploaded by globewriter

This weekend marks a month of stopping smoking and also just about a month of walking around the Savannah every single evening.

The not smoking part has done little to make me feel any better or worse so I am really not seeing the point of stopping but I must say I have come to relish the walking. One walk around is 3.5 km and I walk around at least twice but more usually three times and lately four. It seems like a lot but the final two rounds actually put me in a very relaxed state. It could be the endorphins or it might just be the 80s and 90s club music I have blaring on my headphones. I strongly suspect the latter. In any case, it sure beats a gym.

My next step is to introduce some minimum looks standard for being allowed to walk around. I walk in a counterclockwise direction and I swear it is not a pretty experience – quite literally – with about 90% of the people. Also, if you are an overweight man or woman please, in the name of all that is holy, walk and don’t run. The sight of flab flying up and down is not a pleasant one.