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November 13, 2008

Bon Bon Bonaire


It has been another day of running about inspecting properties on Bonaire and I have to say the quality of some of them is quite extraordinary for reasonable prices. I have also been dining heartily at both lunch and dinner times in order to let the hosts of the various establishments know that I am enjoying the fare. This cannot be the healthiest lifestyle. I think I may have gained a few pounds already that Clyphil at the gym will have to address when I get home.

Generally the quality of food on Bonaire has been passable and better which is no mean feat on an island that has to import all food it uses thus making market shopping a challenge. The prices can be steep as a result but given the situation that makes perfect sense. Food here is imported from Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador( there is a KLM flight that continues to Ecuador from here) and Holland ( of course). 


This evening we dined at “It Rains Fishes” and I was amazed by the quality of the food and more so by the efficiency and service. It is a waterfront restaurant on kaya Grandi and it is fairly large with at least 25 tables. Despite that, and the fact they had tables turning over as we sat there, the staff seemed to have been programmed by Tissot to run like clockwork. Service was swift and attentive without being overbearing which is always a relief.Is there anything worse that every member of staff asking you how your meal was? I think not. Well…maybe Rachel Ray opening her mouth.


My appetizer was a superb Japanese salad of sushi quality raw tuna, field greens and thinly sliced avocado served in a baked wanton skin ( I think). It could have been a meal by itself. The main course was skewers of shrimp and fish in a presentation that almost made me cry it was so beautiful. It was served with  separate side of rice and a side of tomato and red onion salad..which i never got to I was so full. This place is a definite “recommended” as it could easily do well in any major city.

Off to my room now where I get no over-priced WiFi reception so I can pack up for tomorrow…there seems to be some confusion as to where I am staying. Needless to say, it is Bonaire and I am not the least worried.