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December 28, 2011

It Gets Better for LGBT Arabs

Don’t think I have seen another video directly addressing the concerns of young Arabs in the project.  Visit his website here.

To ALL LGBT Arabs – there is absolutely nothing wrong with you! You are not sick, perverted, or freaks. You and me, we are just like anybody else. I’m a regular guy who simply happens to be gay – thats all. We are human and we deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. People may disagree, people may think we are sinful and thats fine. That is their issue. You and me, we are beautiful. It can get better and it will get better for LGBT Arabs!

March 19, 2011

The Divine Sandra Bernhard et al

The woman who wished me a Happy Birthday on Twitter and  who is the funniest person in the universe on It Gets Better.

March 18, 2011

The Bonnie Hansen (At Burton High School) Make It Better Project

Excellent and very touching video by the kids at Burton High School in San Francisco. Excellent production values too.

“The GSA at Burton High School in San Francisco created a “Make it Better” video that features students and staff sharing how they are going to make Burton a better place for all students. This video was shared at a school wide cultural assembly. The school responded positively and cheered on the GSAers as they came out as gay or an LGBTQ ally, while they pledged to stand up to bullies and to make it better.”