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December 29, 2011

State Department turns Clinton’s speech into a music video

November 9, 2010

US Dept. of State – Gay Rights Are Human Rights

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to use the State Department  to further human rights as best she is able. There is an interesting entry on the Dept. of State Official Blog written by Mario Ortero, Under Secretary of State for Democracy and Global Affairs about work being done to protect LGBT rights around the world.   In the case of Uganda it is certainly needed . I am definitely biased as I think she is an amazing woman, but she seems to be trying a lot harder than  the President.

VIA @equalitopia

I remember meeting with Val from Uganda, an activist in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community, last year. Val told me about how she and others activists in her country faced possible persecution for speaking out against policies that criminalized an entire class of people based on sexual orientation. I believe that we have a duty not only to speak out against harmful policies, but also to ensure that people like Val, who are trying to exercise their basic rights as human beings, are protected from possible violence.

Val’s story is never far from my mind and is one of the reasons I met yesterday with representatives of the Council for Global Equality, a coalition of 19 human rights organizations that advocate for a stronger U.S. government voice on behalf of the equality and fair treatment of LGBT individuals in the United States and overseas. We had an open and engaging discussion of the State Department’s efforts to elevate and integrate inclusion and protection of LGBT individuals into our human rights agenda. These efforts build upon the Obama Administration’s commitment to these issues, and further Secretary Clinton’s statement that “human rights are gay rights, and gay rights are human rights.”

Read more at the official blog here.