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April 13, 2012

Kicked Out: LGBT Youth Experience Homelessness

One in four LGBT kids are kicked out after coming out.


December 23, 2011

Kolkata ( Calcutta) Flash Mob on December 18th, 2011

Via Sukhdeep Singh and Gaylaxy Magazine  on FB

Awesome fun and perfect for the holidays.

Kolkata’s very own flashmob erupted as part of the winter carnival on Park Street on 18th December 2011! 300 young at heart jived to the lilt of Senorita. Enjoy!

August 29, 2011

The streets of uptown Port of Spain under curfew.

I had a program that finished after curfew time  this evening. I have a curfew pass and I decided to film my epic 7 minute drive home at 9:45pm . Pretty strange not seeing any cars on the road.

Yes I am that anal I indicate even when there are no other cars on the road – blame Young Drivers of Canada defensive driving classes.

The PM announced that the State of Emergency will be extended but no time frame was given. Rumors are circulating that it might be November 7th.  There was also an indication from the PM that curfew hours might be relaxed in the locked down areas.

March 8, 2011

Trinidad Carnival 2011


Alvie and Vedesh looking up at me on my perch on Tragarete Rd.

Trinidad Carnival 2011 ,which accounted for my virtual absence from the blogosphere, is now over. In case anyone doesn’t know T&T Carnival is billed locally as the Greatest Show on Earth – if nothing else it is one of the biggest street parties on earth. Took about 200  shots from our headquarters on Tragarete Rd, Port of Spain which was a busy Carnival thoroughfare.

Pics are available as a Flickr set here.

February 22, 2011

SATIRE – Condensed version of Gaddafi’s speech today.

He went on for rather a long time but taking into account his general demeanor, the tone of his rant and the threats of death and destruction, this video pretty much sums up his speech.

February 10, 2011

Homeless LGBT youth – a sad story with some positive news.

It is a sad state of affairs that so many LGBT kids are thrown out of their homes simply because of who they are. This is probably the worst and most damaging sort of bullying – when a parent rejects their own child. The emotional repercussions can be devastating and life on the streets can be equally as damaging.

Happily  there are organizations in different countries that are working to give these kids dignity and allowing them to pick themselves up and live full and productive lives. The Albert Kennedy Trust in the UK is one such organization.

Give if you can and visit their website here.