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April 20, 2011

A senior speaks out on Stephen Harper

A Canadian senior citizen speaks out about the worst PM Canada has ever had the misfortune of being led by in recent years – admittedly it is a close race with Brian Mulroney and Joe Clark in there.

This is Canada’s greatest Prime Minister in recent memory – 1967 folks -1967!

October 10, 2010

Obama – how you have failed us.

It has been said the road to hell is paved with good intentions and I now agree. I am not American but as one of your neighbours ( neighbors to my American cousins)  to the North albeit working to your South I will  say you have not done well when it comes to LGBT rights. As a  Hillary Clinton supporter   I was still heartened when you won. I heard your acceptance speech and my heart rose.

It is a while now and , while  I am happy GWB is gone and his Republicans with him, you have done very little to help discrimination against the last group in the the US that is still given second class status.  Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is still there because you made no real effort to rally support. DOMA still stands. What did you do? Your stand on civil unions as opposed to marriage is an affront to ever gay person. As a Canadian who can marry anyone of  any gender I am shocked by your narrow minded view. I marched in my youth and the message got through to our leaders. Are you afraid of  alienating someone? I would have hoped that as a person of color you would have got past that. There is no difference between discriminating against someone based on race or based on their orientation. Maybe you missed that point and decided on politics instead.

If you haven’t noticed – Canada is stronger than it ever has been. By not condemning orientation discrimination you are a weaker leader than  Lyndon Johnson who forced through far more rights legislation than you have.  Try harder President Obama. The world expects more from you.

P.S. I should note that I wrote the above after watching 8. the mormon proposition for the third time with friends.  I was seething with anger, yet again,  ( despite the  wonderful company) so this entry was written from that perspective. I am leaving it up because it is a snapshot of how I was feeling at that point. I am adding this postscript so that if I ever look back at the entry  I will not have one of those “WTF was I thinking” moments.