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November 28, 2011

India keeps moving along – “30 Minutes: My child is gay” IBN-LIVE

Via Gaypersecution insrilanka on FB

March 4, 2011

Daily News & Analysis: “Nothing ‘un-Indian’ in being gay”

Apropos to the previous post here is another column on the subject – this time from by Vinay Chandran the Executive Director of the Swabhava Trust in Bangalore.

“Homophobia, brought in wholesale from the religious texts of the British, took root and became Indian in the last two centuries. When people today say that they don’t think homosexuality is in Indian culture, I wonder — which Indian culture are they referring to? Is there only one? There are many Indias and there are many Indian traditions and many cultures. And if you know your history right, you’ll know that homosexuality and gender difference are part of each and every one of them.”

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